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Cara is  a one stop app for everything and anything related to beauty. Look, book and shop with us !

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Cara provides you with beauty inspiration and trends. Let your friends know what your next look would be by simply sharing it with them.


Welcome to your new hassle free beauty experience.

Never miss a trend

Confused about your next look? Cara has got you covered. Every week new beauty trends will be available for you to chose from.

Try it yourself

Our beautiful talents will be sharing tips and tricks on how to, try it yourself and look amazing at your next outing!

Beauty wherever you are

Choose from our best hair, makeup and nail artists in the country, and always look on fleek no matter you are!

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Shop the best brands of skin care, makeup, hair and fragrance on our beauty app.

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Skip the small talks, and book your next appointment with your favorite beauty salon with Cara.

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At Cara we never miss the chance to give back! Stick around and watch your loyalty be rewarded.

Our loyalty program

Collect points while shopping on Cara. For each AED spent in bookings and or purchases, get 1 Cara point in exchange. The more you spend the closer you are to your free gift!


Collect Cara points


Keep track of your loyalty points


Redeem them


Unlock valuable gifts


Here is your opportunity to share beauty with the world. Join us at Cara and let us grow together!

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